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My Story

What Do WE Do?

Our Story

Koi Infinity strives to empower you to your divinity, embracing both your masculine and feminine energies. Reminding you that you are the creator of your reality. 

Each piece is hand crafted with love and good intentions with a purpose. It is why I call it fashion with meaning, each piece carefully uses symbolism and ancient spiritual knowledge in order to promote positive energies and assist you in your spiritual journey. Each piece has a meaning. 

I grew up in a spiritual household. My parents opened up a feng shui and metaphysical shop back in 1996. I worked in my parent's shop my whole life, learning feng shui, reiki and astrology. I've also had a strong connection to crystals as a kid and started collecting them at the age of 10, learning as much about them as I can. I've combined my knowledge with my passion for creativity to create art for the collective. I hope my art inspires you to recognize the universe with in.

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