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This bracelet is made out of genuine black botswana agate beads and a hand carved wooden Happy Buda Head. This bracelet promotes finding like minded friends, inner stability, self-confidence, concentration, and analytical abilities. Wearing this bracelet also decreases smoke addictions, prevents out-of-body visitations, protection when traveling, and is great for children affected by pressure or teasing. The Buda head charm promotes happiness and good luck.

Physical Healing:
-depression, stress, sexual disfunction, ridding toxins, stimulate immune and nervous system, skin, circulation, eyes, stomach, uterus, heart, blood vessels, brain oxygen assimilation, cardiac muscle, reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, sleep walking, etc.

Laughing Buda Black Agate Bracelet

  • The buda head is made out of wood and is sensitive to water


Each bracelet is shipped out in standard size (Medium: 16cm), unless otherwise noted. Extra charge may apply to L or XL request.


(XS: 14cm) (S: 15cm) (M :16cm)

*(L :17cm) *(XL :18cm)


Each piece will vary slightly because, they're made from genuine, natural minerals and crystals. 


Use with water is not recommended.


Each bracelet is cleansed with sage, and energized with a Tibetan Singing Bowl and the energy of the Moon and Sun.


Healing crystals are not a healthcare prescription, but rather a spiritual and energetic support.

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