This bracelet is made out of genuine obsidian. This bracelet is great for protection, grounding, and spiritual cleanse. Hanging is laughing Buda to bring happiness and good luck.

Physical Healing:
- digestion, reduce food cravings, arthritis, vision, etc.

Laughing Buda Obsidian Bracelet

  • The Koi Infinity bead is made out of stainless steel, but the buda charm may tarnish with constant water use


Each bracelet is shipped out in standard size (Medium: 16cm), unless otherwise noted. Extra charge may apply to L or XL request.


(XS: 14cm) (S: 15cm) (M :16cm)

*(L :17cm) *(XL :18cm)


Each piece will vary slightly because, they're made from genuine, natural minerals and crystals. 


Use with water is not recommended.


Each bracelet is cleansed with sage, and energized with a Tibetan Singing Bowl and the energy of the Moon and Sun.


Healing crystals are not a healthcare prescription, but rather a spiritual and energetic support.