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This bracelet is made out of genuine aventurine beads. Aventurine promotes love, emotional healing, clumsiness, diminish brutal temperament, prosperity and wealth luck, good luck in a game of chance, confidence, creativity, motivation, and perseverance. Aventurine is often known as the "stone of opportunity", wear this when competing, gambling, first date, at work, or when you want the chances to work in your favor.

Physical Healing:
-heart, cardiac conditions, circulation, recovery from illness or surgery, physical regeneration, lower cholesterol, fertility, eye-sight, genito-urinary problems, eczema, dyslexia, anti-inflammatory, dypraxia, acne, rosacea, and cerebral palsy.

Aventurine Bracelet



    Each bracelet is shipped out in standard size (Medium: 16cm), unless otherwise noted. Extra charge may apply to L or XL request.


    (XS: 14cm) (S: 15cm) (M :16cm)

    *(L :17cm) *(XL :18cm)


    Each piece will vary slightly because, they're made from genuine, natural minerals and crystals. 


    Use with water is not recommended.


    Each bracelet is cleansed with sage, and energized with a Tibetan Singing Bowl and the energy of the Moon and Sun.


    Healing crystals are not a healthcare prescription, but rather a spiritual and energetic support.

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