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This bracelet is made out of genuine rose quartz. The rose quartz promotes love, bonding, motherly love, strengthen romantic relationships, sensuality, sleep crystal, reassurance, calming, empathy, sensitivity, acceptance of change, and comforting grief. The twoarps symbolize love, and abundance.

Physical Healing:
- soothes burns, blisters, diminish scars, reduce pimples, reduce wrinkles, promotes soft complexion, heart, circulatory, relieves tension & stress, premature babies, promotes the release of impurities, heals kidney and adrenal, vertigo, female reproductive system, increase fertility, alleviates sexual difficulties, post-partum depression, heal after complicated births, etc.

Rose Quartz With Love Fish Bracelet

  • The bracelet you will receive will be the exact same bracelet from the image. The druzy collection is one of a kind, no two will be the same. Once it is gone, it's gone. We may have similar ones listed.


Each bracelet is shipped out in standard size (Medium: 16cm), unless otherwise noted. Extra charge may apply to L or XL request.


(XS: 14cm) (S: 15cm) (M :16cm)

*(L :17cm) *(XL :18cm)


Each piece will vary slightly because, they're made from genuine, natural minerals and crystals. 


Use with water is not recommended.


Each bracelet is cleansed with sage, and energized with a Tibetan Singing Bowl and the energy of the Moon and Sun.


Healing crystals are not a healthcare prescription, but rather a spiritual and energetic support.

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