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This bracelet is made out of lapis lazuli, perfect for wisdom, memory, communication, harmony in relationships, good judgment, friendship, and the stimulation of ideas for writers and artists. To finish it off the globe signifies wisdom and in feng shui it is used to activate scholastic luck. Use this during a test or at all times when studying.

Physical Healing:
- Throat, larynx, voal chords, endocrine and thyroid glands, hearing loss, improves cardiac rhythm, enhances circulation, reduces vertigo, lowers blood pressure, alleviates insomnia, etc.

*Each bracelet will be sent out in the standard size (16cm), unless noted otherwise 
*This bracelet is made of genuine crystals, each piece will vary slightly because, minerals are natural

Scholastic Luck Bracelet

  • Koi Infinity Bead is stainless steel, but the silver bead spacer is silver plated and the plating may wear off with continous water


Each bracelet is shipped out in standard size (Medium: 16cm), unless otherwise noted. Extra charge may apply to L or XL request.


(XS: 14cm) (S: 15cm) (M :16cm)

*(L :17cm) *(XL :18cm)


Each piece will vary slightly because, they're made from genuine, natural minerals and crystals. 


Use with water is not recommended.


Each bracelet is cleansed with sage, and energized with a Tibetan Singing Bowl and the energy of the Moon and Sun.


Healing crystals are not a healthcare prescription, but rather a spiritual and energetic support.

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